Co-Facilitated Therapy

We often employ co-facilitated therapy across all of our practice areas as the situation warrants. Our team approach allows us the advantage to see an individual’s, couple’s or group’s issues from multiple perspectives.  Consequently, we believe additional perspectives can result in a more robust therapy. Our co-facilitated approach is highly effective in addressing complex family issues as multiple therapists assure that all individuals within the family system are being supported.

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Our approach always includes the family. Usually, we begin the therapy with a session just with the parents followed by three-to-four sessions with the adolescent/young adult. At that point, a diagnostic assessment is developed which the clinician shares with the parents. Together we develop and agree on a treatment program. We firmly believe that it takes both the therapist and the parents working together to see significant progress. Of course, we share a client’s progress with our entire clinical team to obtain multiple perspectives. Our program is designed for ages 4-21 and can be conducted via teleconference or by a combination of teleconference and in-person sessions.

Individual Adult Therapy

We believe the most critical step in therapy is determining the right fit between the individual and therapist. When a client begins with us, we schedule a meeting with our admissions team. From there an initial assessment is made and a therapist is chosen who we believe best fits the client’s needs. Once the right comfort level between therapist and client is developed, our therapist may suggest bringing in other people who play key roles in the patient’s “ecosystem.”

Couples Therapy

We believe the most important factor is finding a “safe place” where the couple seeking therapy can work on key issues. This allows us to “dig deep” and get to the underlying factors affecting the relationship. These factors include challenging unhealthy patterns, addressing patterns of communications/behavior, examining past history and tackling the issues that brought them to therapy in the first place. Our team approach is a particularly effective platform in addressing couples therapy as it allows us to readily find the “right fit” between the couple and therapist. This provides for the added quality assurance that comes with collaboration among team members.

Family Therapy

Our goal in family therapy is to take what is in many situations a dysfunctional family and to turn it into a functional family. A systems approach is particularly relevant for family therapy as every family is a system. Our goal is to address all components and players within the system, deep diving into each family members’ individual motivations and role. How are family members responding to the individual who is struggling? Is the individual the problem or is it the system itself that needs to be addressed? Our therapists work creatively and collaboratively to assure the issues are examined from every perspective and are effectively addressed.

Group Therapy

We generally employ a co-facilitated approach to group therapy. This allows us to bring multiple perspectives and usually includes a therapist and one of our Connections counselors. Groups are formed based upon the specific needs of those seeking therapy. At various times, we have conducted groups focusing on pre-teen adolescents, LGBTQ issues, young adults, parents and parent support groups, among others. Should we see community interest in a particular topic, we are open to starting a group to address that issue. Admission to groups is on a rolling basis and subject to availability.

One-on-One Coaching

We offer one-on-one coaching either to supplement any type of our therapies or on a stand-alone basis. Our coaches are adept at helping individuals deal with the obstacles and challenges preventing them from operating effectively within a system, be it the family, the community or some other system. Our coaches approach each individual differently employing a variety of activities that help a person build towards becoming more comfortable living within their systems.

Executive Functioning

Executive functioning is the ability to plan, adapt, manage time, develop organizational skills, multi-task and demonstrate self-control. Often individuals with dysfunction in this area struggle to follow plans, forget to complete important tasks, do not hand in homework, have trouble solving everyday problems or forget about scheduled appointments

Case Management

Effective case management goes hand-in-hand with our systems-based approach to therapy. Our case-managers are responsible for coordinating with our therapists, coaches, personal fitness trainers as well as external parties. We often collaborate with other therapists, pediatricians, teachers, counselors and, of course, parents. Through this coordination, we assure that the plan customized for the individual client is being executed effectively and is achieving key milestones.

The Connections Program

Our Connections program was developed for individuals at all ages and stages of life who have experienced an inability to function independently. It is a therapeutic method that fills the gap  between weekly individual therapy and admission into a residential facility. The unique program includes both traditional individual and family therapy as well as coaching sessions throughout the week aiding clients in their normal day-to-day activities as well as personal training… [ read more ]