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The Center’s Connections Program provides intensive, comprehensive community-based behavioral health care to children, adolescents and young adults. We treat clients who have been struggling for years and those that are new to exploring treatment options. We treat clients whose psychological health is declining and whom are heading towards a residential care placement, as well as clients that are stepping down to a lower level of care from inpatient or residential settings and are transitioning back to their homes. The Connections Program fills the void in therapeutic services by providing a continuum of care. We have the ability to deliver many of the same services clients have experienced in 24-hour care settings, less restrictively, keeping clients at home and without disruption to their community-connections.

The Connections Program treats virtually every type of psychological disorder that children, adolescents and adults may be struggling to manage. Our therapeutic interventions are directive and solution-oriented.  Our treatment model employs a team led by a licensed therapist that includes case management, individual and group therapy, home-based counseling, and a health and wellness program.  Our clients are actively monitored by their team. Together (client, team, and family) we set goals, develop action plans, monitor progress, and adjust as needed.

The Connections Program uses a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, including psychotherapy, physical fitness, and community engagement. Our deeply experienced team comes from a variety of backgrounds.  We are an open system that is comfortable partnering with providers. Recognizing the mind-body connection, we are happy to partner with pediatricians and family physicians to assist in treating physical illness.

The Connections Program focuses on both the individual and the environment. For us, the environment includes family, friends, educational and community settings, and extra-curricular activities.  We will collaborate with schools and employers and work with clients in their homes to both enhance our understanding of the client and to develop the client’s points of contact in their lives. It is in fostering and strengthening these relationships that we assist clients and their families in pursuing the skills and supports necessary to transition to emotional and functional independence. 

In short, The Center’s Connections Programs will bridge the gaps in treatment options by providing our clients the best available services which are specific to their needs. We recognize there is often a missing piece in the spectrum of care options. The Center is your option for a new type of dynamic, individualized mental healthcare program which provides the highest quality supports delivered in the least restrictive type of setting.